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Shiftwave Ukraine Support Progress Report

Within 6 weeks of the full-scale invasion, the Shiftwave team mobilized to support Ukrainians on the ground with our advanced nervous system technology, restoring and realigning refugees in processing centers and donating Shiftwaves to evacuation rescue drivers. Since then, in five trips throughout Ukraine, the Shiftwave team has expanded its grassroots donation program, demonstrating and donating our technology to over 14 sites, including:

1. Укрзаліниця-Ukrainian Railways
2. Gen Camp (Children’s Trauma Camp)
3. Olena Zalinska, First Lady of Ukraine
4. UNBROKEN-National Rehabilitation Hospital
5. Military Frontline and Rehabilitation Hospitals
6. Frontline Ukrainian Army medics & chaplains

What Shiftwave did in Ukraine

1. Poland / Ukraine Border
- On the ground testing with Border aid workers
- Refugee center with women and children
- Delivered Shiftwave to in Ukraine for rescue drivers
- Tested in elementary school/shelter

2. Kyiv
- Ukraine Railways for train drivers
- Klitschko Foundation
- Undisclosed Family
- Kyiv Police Department

3. Lviv
- Shiftwave Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rouse speaks on mental health at Lviv Hospital
- Deliver Shiftwave to the National Rehabilitation Center
- Testing with injured soldiers
- Established research program with the National Rehabilitation Center

Studies and Stats

Shiftwave filed study states that it:
- Re-establishes autonomic nervous system balance
- Turns down the “fight or flight” response
- Calms the body’s physiology
- Reduces pain
- Improves sleep and focus
- Restores cognitive performance
- Induces left prefrontal cortex
- Positive emotions
- Memory encoding
- Down-regulation of negative emotions

In real world testing, Shiftwave Reliably and rapidly reduces stress and pain:

Ukrainian Refugee Border Aid workers (n=20)
- Stress decreased 23%
- Pain decreased 80%
- Pain fully eliminated in 60% of persons
- 100% showed a reduction in fight-or-flight nervous system activity

Ukrainian Civilian Evacuation Rescue Drivers (n=23)
- Anxiety decreased 80%
- Completely eliminated anxiety in 68.1% of persons
- Pain decreased 65.7%
- Pain fully eliminated in 43% of persons

Frontline Hospital Staff during COVID (n=24)
- Stress decreased 82%
- Pain decreased 37%
- Pain fully eliminated in 54%
- 92% requested regular access

What Shiftwave users are experiencing:

"Having worked with Shiftwave for the past 2 months, I can say with confidence that this device should be installed in every department. We have observed an improvement in the psycho-emotional state of patients undergoing treatment after injuries and traumas on the battlefield and beyond."
- Ukrainian Medical Forces Neurologist, Svetlana Zvarych, M.D

"Usually my leg hurts, after the session it feels good. I am so thankful for that...This is so important for military, soldiers, and civilians that deal with war."
- Sasha, leg amputee

Shiftwave Ukraine Support Progress Report
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