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Engineered For Results

We started by building an advanced psycho-physiological research lab to create a product that elicits results... at the push of a button.

Man sitting in Shiftwave


Shiftwave is the most advanced general wellness and stress management device in the world. Relax in a zero-gravity recliner while microprocessor-controlled pulsed pressure waves, using patent-pending algorithms, waveforms, and biofeedback drive fundamental human physiology into alignment for an optimized body and a clear focused mind.



The Shiftwave system is unlike anything you've ever experienced. Period.

Pulsed Pressure Waves

Shiftwave employs complex, powerful, and enjoyable pulsed pressure waves applied along the body to rapidly shift the state of body and mind.

Synthetic Sleep®

Synthetic Sleep journeys are scientifically designed to guide human physiology into a deep state of rest and restoration akin to deep sleep.

Assisted Journeys

Shiftwave journeys use specific patterns and frequencies of pulsed pressure waves to guide both body and mind to optimal states.


Our technology monitors your physiology and generates patterns of pulsed pressure waves to tune you to your optimal flow state.


What's Included

Everything you need for personal or commercial usage is included.

Shiftwave Chair

The Shiftwave chair is durable and portable and can easily travel anywhere you need to go. It has 18 high pressure pulse wave transducers which sync with your guided audio journeys. 

Control Box with BioFeedback

The custom built control box is rugged and powerful. It is the brain of the system. With the medical grade pulse oximeter, it will display HRV and other measurements. When BioDrive™ is activated, your body will control the pulse pressure waves. 

Premium Audio System

We have custom engineered a studio quality audio experience. The audio is mastered for the included studio quality V-Moda™  headset.


The Shiftwave ships with a premium Mindfold™ mask, medical grade pulse oximeter as well as a pulse pressure wave intensity control dial.

Free Updates for life*

For a limited time, we are offering free journey updates for life.
* This may not include some future celebrity, coaching updates.

1 Year Warranty

1 Year warranty is included with your Shiftwave purchase. An additional year can be purchased as well.

White Glove Support

Each Shiftwave is rugged and well tested. If you need support, we're here to help. We also offer guidance on commercial, humanitarian and personal usage as well.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Shiftwave System produces results. We're confident you will love it or send it back. No Hassles.

Man sitting in Shiftwave

Shiftwave Sales

If you would like to purchase Shiftwave for yourself, your business or a government agency, please contact sales.


Assisted Journeys

All journeys are created at the Shiftwave Institute and are designed to elicit different results.


Upshift journeys will reset your nervous system in 5-20 minutes.


Before an event, a presentation, or a competition, optimize your performance by shifting into a state of controlled activation.


By repeatedly stimulating the body with pulsed pressure waves and engaging the salience network of the brain, the dominant brain network activity shifts away from the default mode network, promoting focus, attention, and clarity.


Prepare for performance by rebalancing your brain and your physiology into a status of calm but energized, activated but not anxious.


Downshift journeys will down regulate your nervous system in 5-20 minutes.

Stress / Anxiety Alleviation

A study at Tulane Medical School showed a 28% reduction in anxiety and 41% reduction in stress in just 15 minutes, accompanied by autonomic and brain network shifts.

Power Nap

Achieve Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR), a specific type of body and brain relaxation associated with enhanced learning and physiological revitalization.

Reduce  Pain

Reduce pain without drugs, by both direct effects on the musculoskeletal system and central effects on the brain.


Totalshift journeys are from 30-60 minutes, immersing you into an aware but transcendent state of total restoration.

Deep Meditation

Rhythmic and powerfully pleasurable vibrations gently induce an easily accessible meditative state.


Stretch and strengthen the autonomic nervous system to expand the zone of tolerance to reduce the impact of outside stressors.

Hyper Restoration

Immerse your body, revitalizing every cell and restoring balance to your mind and body.

Connecting Dots


Contact our sales team

Shiftwave is available for commercial, government, humanitarian, research, and individual purchase. Our white-glove support team is available to answer any questions you have.

  • Shiftwave has a 95% NPS

  • Comprehensive 1-year warranty

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • What is Shiftwave?
    Shiftwave is a breakthrough Nervous System Training Technology delivering mental and physical restoration and optimization at the touch of a button. Shiftwave applies pulsed pressure waves to the body, restoring users to optimal readiness, rebalancing the nervous systems, and reducing pain.
  • How long does it last?
    Sessions last from 4 minutes to a full hour. The 10 minute programs are designed to transform the nervous system. The 20-60 minutes provide a full mind and body reset.
  • Contraindications to using Shiftwave?
    Medical contraindications include unstable angina, epilepsy, detached retina, deep vein thrombosis, and pregnancy. If you have had any heart condition, recent surgery, or any implanted medical devices such as shunts, stents, meshes, venous filters, aneurysm clips, or pacemakers, please consult your medical professional.
  • Can I use Shiftwave in conjunction with other therapies?
    Shiftwave is a great compliment for almost any therapy modality.
"10 minutes and my body and mind feel rebooted. It's like my battery is fully charged."

Katharina Sophia Volz, Ph.D., CEO OccamzRazor

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